UKI Manager Single Show Subscription




Your single show subscription allows you to host one UKI agility trial.

With UKI Manager, you can easily manage your show from start to finish. We offer the following features (and more!)

  • Setup a new show, or copy from an existing show.
  • Load the ShowData spreadsheet from UKI.
  • Accept paper entries.
  • Accept Day-of-Show entries.
  • Create a run order and re-order as needed.
  • Send email entry confirmations.
  • Generate a report of run counts by day, event, or level.
  • Send out email with attached confirmation document to all participants.
  • Generate charts and reports of the shows financials.
  • Print gate sheets and scribe sheets corresponding to your run order. Print blank scribe sheets for Day-Of entries.
  • Enter scores per event with auto calculation of Gamblers and Snooker totals.
  • Saving scores auto-calculates placements and level points.
  • Generate results sheets per event.
  • Online scrolling display of scores so handlers can see scores as they are entered.
  • Masters Series scoring with calculation of who earns certificates and prize money.
  • Print Avery ribbon labels for qualifying scores.
  • After the show, send results to competitors via email.
  • Create the Results spreadsheet to give to UKI
  • Supports Classic and Cup events.

All of this is accomplished through your login to the UKI Manager website, from anywhere at any time!


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